App Development


My Role
App Developer
Jan '17 - Sep '17
NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) is the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation, a public broadcaster providing news and diverse programming through television, radio, and online platforms in the Netherlands. It is known for its independent news coverage and serves as a key source of information and entertainment for the Dutch audience.

Collaborating with two fellow students during my internship, I co-created an event app for NOS. This app was designed for both Android and iOS platforms.

Following the completion of the internship, I continued to contribute to NOS for several months, undertaking responsibilities such as app maintenance, implementing new features, and working on additional NOS apps.

The app we developed gained significant traction, surpassing 40,000 downloads, particularly for its focus on showcasing videos and live streams of the Tour de France.

Additionally, as a white-labeled app, it found utility in other events, such as the European Football Championship for women.